Life Extension Possibilities: an overview of experimental drugs that have been shown to extend life in animals

Cross-Sex Hormone Therapy: Female Hormones: risks and benefits of hormone therapy for transgender women

Nootropics: which drugs have experimental efficacy at improving cognitive performance

STD Statistics: comprehensive summary of STD risks and effectiveness of prevention techniques

Past projects I've done for individuals include:

  • options for diagnosing and treating a chronic autoimmune condition
  • options for treating chronic allergy problems
  • risks and benefits of androgen supplementation for older men
  • effectiveness comparisons of different anxiolytics
  • experimental treatment options for metastatic breast cancer
  • evidence of effectiveness and safety of fecal transplants
  • evidence of effectiveness and safety of fasting during chemotherapy
  • risk-benefit analysis of different treatments for germinoma
  • possible causes and best tests to take for recurrent rhabdomyolysis
  • comparison of treatment options for metastatic prostate cancer
  • risks of PFC exposure in carpeting
  • asthma risk of chlorine in swimming pools
  • treatments for negative symptoms of schizophrenia