I'm Sarah Constantin, a data scientist in the Bay Area, with a PhD in math from Yale. I previously worked at personalized medicine company MetaMed, and literature review is my hobby and passion project.  I want to help people make better decisions by assembling the facts that matter.  


"Is it safe for me to go in the hot tub while I'm pregnant?" "Is there anything that actually works for chronic fatigue syndrome?" "Do experimental longevity drugs really make you live longer?"  The world of science and medicine can be confusing -- and it can take a while to get a straight answer.  There's a lot of information out there, not all of it reliable. 

When I do freelance reports, I go straight to the scientific literature to get the numbers on what works and what doesn't, what the risks and benefits are, and how strong the evidence is.  I listen to your concerns and answer your questions.  

I'm not a medical doctor -- I'm a scientifically literate layman.  Don't come to me if you have an emergency and need treatment right away. Do come to me if you need problem-solving, analytical skill, compassionate attention, and someone to help figure out what's going on.